The 45th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

6.01.21 – 6.05.21

Pierre Dutot

Session: Trumpet Fundamentals with Pierre

To introduce Pierre DUTOT, we will start by borrowing the quote from the great MAURICE ANDRE:

“I congratulate and encourage this great educational artist to continue his action which honours the French school of Brass”.

50 years of a brilliant career that is difficult to summarize …. A charismatic and unmissable figure in the world of the trumpet, he dedicated his professional career thatconveys passion, experience, demand and musical intuitions to several generations of trumpeters and musicians.

At 10 years old, he feels a real love for the trumpet while listening to a clown in a circus play GELSOMINA extract from LA STRADA of NINO ROTA. He understands from this moment the importance of encounters that mark a life which will lead him to travel, communicate and generously share throughout all his life career on five continents.

He studied brilliantly at the CNSM of PARIS and simultaneously obtained his diplomas of Physical and Sports Educationand Psychology who will influence considerably his teaching techniques for trumpet learning. He also meets and frequents great Masters who allow him to refine his pedagogical convictions (R.DELMOTTE, P.POLLIN, J.STAMP, T.DOKSHITSER )

Eager to share his passion for the trumpet, he teaches in different conservatories: Caen, Villeurbanne, Bordeaux and the CNSM of Lyon for 23 years. He is also appreciated as a solo trumpet at the National Orchestra of Lyon that he leaves with regret to answer the numerousjob requests he continuously received. Passion and generosity are the driving force behind his educational and instrumental career.

He then founded the Ensemble HEXAGONE ( brass septet with percussions) with which he develops a pedagogical actionand many recitals which makes it a showcase, a must-see in the French Brass School in all continents.

Desired musical ambassador of a country and a school, his teaching qualities are recognized by several invitations to give Master classes all over the world: USA, Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan, Spain, Portugal, England, Africa…

His students combine successes both in France and abroad: D. GUERRIER, A. HENRY, E. PLANTE, P. CLARHAUT, C .DREGER, JF MADEUF, G.FERBER… (FR) JL GONZALES, V.GARCIA (MEXICO) E.MATTE, T.LINKE (BRASIL)…

Now an active retired, he is always ready to play and teach and leads a life of “Merchant of Happiness” (his personal definition of the word musician). Numerous concerts Organ and Trumpet for the benefit of various charities, patron of 8 orchestras at the School, ambassador of the association “Audition-Solidarité”; And of course, he continues to give master classes and concerts in France and abroad   and enriches the educational repertoire incollaboration with R.MARTIN Editions. His last solo CD with the National Ensemble of Mexico was a great success in 2016 in LOS ANGELES at the ITG conference of which he remains an active member.




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