Festival of Trumpets

The 48th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference
Anaheim, CA

Are you attending the 2024 ITG Conference in California?

Consider participating in the Festival of Trumpets concert, which will be held on Saturday June 1st.


Attending the ITG Conference on May 28 -June 1, 2024? Consider participating in the Festival of Trumpets concert. Historically, the Festival of Trumpets concert was created to allow university trumpet professors to “present” at an international conference, allowing them to petition their universities for financial support. Adult non-professional and comeback trumpet players are encouraged to participate as well as undergraduates who will perform in a student trumpet ensemble. 

Again, this year we are allowing participants to pre-organized their own trumpet ensemble. These ensembles will be allotted two rehearsal times at the conference and perform on the Festival of Trumpets concert. Some ideas for forming an ensemble include: trumpet professors from a certain region, alumni from a specific teacher/school, baroque trumpet ensemble, a group of friends you like to perform with, etc.

For the fourth year we will have the ITG Conference Undergraduate Trumpet Ensemble. No audition is required, and students will get to perform on the Festival of Trumpets Concerts. This is an exciting opportunity for students to meet each other and perform at the conference.

Once again, we are having participants declare the number of pieces one would like to perform. We have found some people would like to play as much as possible and some people are limited due to their involvement in other activities at the conference.

Rehearsals for these ensembles will take place throughout the week. Please make arrangements to be available for the full conference should you want to perform in the Festival of Trumpets.

Application to participate in the Festival of Trumpets concert, which will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2024 is now open! Google form will become available at the same time as the conference registration opening date.


For information, contact Conference Director

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