Maria Rutkowska

The 47th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

Maria Rutkowska

Collaborative Pianist

Doctor of Musical Arts in the field of science Instrumental Music. She is the graduate of Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań which she graduated with award in the piano class of Professor Alicja Kledzik. While being the student she took part at many piano competitions and won among others the Second Prize at the International Piano Competition „Anemos” in Rome or the Third Prize at the International Piano Competition Miłosz Magin in Paris. Three times she received the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for her outstanding study results. Nowadays she is assistant professor at Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań in the Institute of Instrumental Music and piano teacher at the Wojciech Kilar State Music School (1st grade) in Pleszew. As the pianist and accompanist she received 25 diplomas for her outstanding accompaniment.

In 2012 she was honoured by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage with the medal „Deserved for Polish Culture” and in 2013 and 2016 she received the Award of the Rector of Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań. In 2019 she was awarded the Bronze Medal for Long Service by the President of the Republic of Poland. She has had the honor and the pleasure to work and to play together with such musicians like: Eric Aubier (France; trumpet), Giuliano Sommerhalder (Switzerland; trumpet), Markus Würsch (Switzerland; trumpet), Klaus Bräker (Germany; trumpet), Dominique Bodart (Belgium; trumpet), Keitaro Shimizu (Japan; trumpet), Alan Thomas (Great Britain; trumpet), Marco Pierobon (Italy; trumpet), Sergiu Carstea (Romania; trumpet), Wim van Hasselt (Belgium; trumpet), Gabriele Cassone (Italy; trumpet), Wolfgang Bauer (Germany; trumpet), Vasco Silva de Faria (Portugal; trumpet), Fábio Brum (Brazil; trumpet), Tomasz Gluska (Poland; trumpet), Manfred Bockschweiger (Germany; trumpet), Tom Hutchinson (Great Britain; trumpet), Tamir Akta (Israel; trumpet), Bill VerMeulen (USA; french horn) Jacek Muzyk (USA; french horn), Julie Thayer (USA, french horn), Eric Ruske (USA, french horn), Frederic Belli (Germany; trombone), Tomasz Stolarczyk (Poland; trombone), Will Druiett (Great Britain; tuba), Jean-Marc Fessard (France; clarinet), Julian Bliss (Great Britain; clarinet), Florent Heau (France; clarinet), Gabor Varga (Hungary; clarinet), Karel Dohnal (Czech Republic; clarinet), Sharon Kam (Israel; clarinet), Igor Františak (Czech Republic; clarinet), Shirley Brill (Israel; clarinet), Francesco di Rosa (Italy; oboe), Viola Wilmsen (Germany; oboe), Philippe Portejoie (France; saxophone), Paweł Gusnar (Poland; saxophone).

Maria Rutkowska is the official pianist during the Summer Brass Academy in Opole, the Summer Brass Academy in Kalisz, the Summer Brass Masterclass in Szczecinek, the International Clarinet and Saxophone Masterclass in Ostrava or Teremiski Horn Camp.

In November 2022 the CD “Polish music for trumpet and piano” that Damian Kurek (trumpet) and Maria Rutkowska (piano) recorded was published by the Ars Sonora publishing company.   


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