K.O. Skinsnes

The 48th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference
Anaheim, CA

K.O. Skinsnes

Session: Compressing the Octaves – Connecting the extreme ranges through modern equipment and innovative techniques

K.O. Skinsnes: Along with his extensive experience in mouthpiece making and trumpet design, K.O. has worked with brass players to solve problems and make playing a more enjoyable experience since 1994. Because of his educational background and the help of several mentors, he has broad knowledge of the science involved in the design and playing of brass instruments. He spent six years touring in the pit with different Broadway shows and 15 years as trumpet player and leader of the R&B and Blues band, Reno Jones.

His interest in loudspeaker design and PA system optimization together with his relationship with innovative loudspeaker manufacturer, Meyer Sound, has given him the chance to relate this knowledge to the trumpet and mouthpiece system, providing an incredibly unique perspective. He has helped countless brass players “dial in” their set-ups to achieve maximum results.

These experiences led to the design of the VRII Bb & C trumpets, S3 Bb trumpet, and most recently the brand new, innovative DaVinci Flex mouthpieces.

Over the years K.O. has studied trumpet from John Madrid, Don Hazzard, Vince Penzerella, William Adam, Gary Grant, Howie Shear, Bobby Findley, Jim Manley, Lynn Nicholson, and Pacho Flores.

Co-Presenter: Javier Gonzalez

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