Ensamble 7/4

The 47th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

Ensamble 7/4

Recital: Welcome to America

The Ensamble 7/4 it’s a mind-blowing fusion of classical music to the exotic Venezuelan and Latinamerican jazz.

Their unique way to make music comes from its unusual format: 4 trumpets, double bass, venezuelan cuatro and percussion; to their virtuous arrangements and choreographies specially fashioned for them, throughout a 2-hours show completely memorized; passing by their colorful shoes and the incorporation of humor, the group has always maintained that they are simply being themselves on stage, while performing at the highest artistic level.

Founded in Venezuela and currently based in Florida, Ensamble 7/4 have toured in the US and internationally throughout Europe and Southamerica. They have recorded 4 albums; “Welcome to America” and “FestFanfaren”, are both a Silver Medal winner of The Global Music Awards 2018-2020 respectively.

The group also has appeared on festivals such as the TFSE 2022 in Atlanta, Italian Brass Week 2012-2020-2022; Miami World Music Festival 2018-2021, International Trumpet Guild 2015-2019, Sauerland-Herbst Brass Festival 2015-2016-2017; Miami Dade College Honor Band Music Festival 2017; Schagerl Brass Festival 2014; SBALZ Festival 2011.

As members of “El Sistema” in Venezuela, in 2015 the 7/4 toured with maestro Gustavo Dudamel and the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra (SBSOV). This time, they appeared in San Francisco and Los Angeles, where they performed in concerts such as the 2015 LA Phil Opening Night Gala. In 2013, the 7/4 accompanied the SBSOV and Maestro Dudamel on their South American Tour.

Ensamble 7/4 is proud to be Schagerl Artist.

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