The 46th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk • San Antonio, Texas

Paula Galama

Session: Brazilian Music for Trumpet and Piano (with Antonio Cardoso & Maico Lopes, trumpets)

Paula Galama holds a DMA in Piano from the University of Kentucky, a Master’s degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and a Bachelor’s degree in piano performance from the Espírito Santo College of Music. During his career she has played in several states of Brazil, and countries such as the United States, China, Europe and Argentina. As a soloist, she has performed  with several orchestras including the  Symphonic Orchestra of Espírito Santo, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Espírito Santo College of Music, and the Symphonic Band of the Espírito Santo College of Music, as wells as the University of Kentucky Wind Ensemble and the Orquestra del Barrío, Santa Cruz, Argentina, where she did the world premiére of the Second Piano Concerto by the composer Marcelo Rauta. She shared the stage with distinguised musicians such as Charles Schlueter, Naílson Simões, Radegundis Feitosa, Antonio Marcos Cardoso, Giuliano Sommerhalder and Lorena Espina. She organized the International Piano Festivals, acting alongside renowned pianists such as Irina Vorobieva (USA/Russia), Geíza Dutra (USA/Brazil) and Daniel Buranovský (Slovakia). Professor of Piano, Chamber Music and Piano Literature at the Espírito Santo College of Music, she works also as pianist of the Duo Galama-Cardoso, along with the trumpet player Antonio Marcos Cardoso, and the Duo Ars Cantus, with the Argentine mezzosoprano Lorena Espina. She organizes and maintain the collection of the Brazilian composer Jaceguay Lins, about whom she wrote the book Jaceguay Lins: personality and work. 

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