The 45th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

6.01.21 – 6.05.21

Miao Liu

Session: Appreciation of Classic Chinese Trumpet Works

Liu Miao, Trumpet professor in Tianjin Normal University, China. Tutor of Graduate, Standing Director of China Trumpet Guild in China Wind Music Association, Undersecretary General of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Wind Music Union, Undersecretary General of the professional committee of wind music of Tianjin Musicians Association, Member of China Musicians Association, Former soloist and Principal trumpeter in Tianjin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, and was praised as “The First Female Trumpeter in China” by the Famous Conductor Zheng Xiaoying.

Professor Liu Miao was born in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. She began to learn trumpet playing when she was 14 years old. Her first teacher was Mr. Zhou Changyou from the Daqing Workers’ Cultural Palace. In 1996, she admitted to Harbin Normal University to learn trumpet playing from Mr. Chen Zhigang, the principal trumpet player of Heilongjiang Symphony Orchestra. After graduation in 2000, she joined Faculty team of Harbin Normal University. In 2004, she followed Professor Chen Rui of Tianjin Conservatory of Music to study Western Style Performance and Teaching Art as a postgraduate student, and began to study and perform Chinese trumpet works. In 2009, she joined brass faculty of Tianjin Normal University, continue teach trumpet performing, brass ensemble, wind ensemble and the training of marching band. At the same time, she also teach Music Appreciation Courses, jazz theory and appreciation.

Professor Liu Miao has successfully held more than 20 trumpet recitals and completed many important performances in cooperation with many famous orchestras and Band, Such as Beijing Symphony Band, Jeju Symphony Band in Korean. which have attracted attention and reports from many media. She has presided over and completed the research of Tianjin art planning project “Study on the blowing of Horn”, participated in the completion of the national art planning project “Study on the national style of Chinese trumpet works” . She had published two books- “Interpretation of Chinese trumpet works” and “The evolution of trumpet playing method”. She also works with professor Chen Rui completed the Chinese Trumpet Works as the deputy chief editor, and played the demonstration CD. Besides, she has published more than ten academic papers in CSSCI and an articles in the journal of International Trumpet Guild. In addition, Beiyang Audio and Video Publishing House, China Science and Culture Publishing House published two of her CDs , “Chinese Music and Painting”, and “Flower and Dance”, All the music are Chinese Trumpet works.




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