Karen Cubides

The 47th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

Karen Cubides

Session: Marketing and Branding for the Modern Musician 

Karen Cubides is the passionate and engaging founder and CEO of the Karen Cubides Agency based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her holistic approach to coaching her clients allows her to serve a wide range of well-established musicians and young professionals alike in unique and personal ways. Through her intimate understanding of the relationship between personal growth and professional achievement, Karen builds up the individual, the artist, and the professional within each of her clients as they master goal-setting, lifestyle balance, and the nuances of our evolving industry. Her commitment, care, and creativity have connected her with incredible individuals and organizations across the world.

Karen founded her agency early in her career out of her empathy for the people she worked with and admired. She firmly believes that musicians do not have to choose between promising careers and fulfilling personal lives. Her compassion has driven her time and again to better herself and her agency to bring out the best in each of her clients, both personally and professionally. By understanding and assessing the whole individual and not the performer exclusively, her clients continue to thrive in their creative passions and In their personal relationships. Karen has had the privilege of working with musicians of all backgrounds, from bird land to broadway and from the Philharmonic to the Blair School of Music.

As CEO of KCA and as an avid educator, Karen is a frequent lecturer on arts marketing and branding, appearing at the New England Conservatory, the Colburn School, the Curtis Institute of Music, Vanderbilt University, and Boston Conservatory, among other institutions. One of her greatest passions is serving young professionals as they navigate the tumultuous transition from student musician to professional artist. Karen created the Emerging Artists Program within KCA to meet this end. Her unique program allows these musicians to access mentorship, resources, and a thriving community of like-minded creatives at a fraction of the price. As such, the transition is much more tangible and attainable, and these young professionals can easily tap into the guidance they need.

Karen is also the founder and host of The Musician’s Guide to being Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. This podcast Interviews cutting edge, deeply personal, and wonderfully insightful professionals In the music world and serves as a platform and resource for musicians of all levels. Featured guests on the podcast include Jennifer Wharton, Christian Griego, Jeremy Wilson, Demondrae Thurman, Roxy Coss, and more.

Karen resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her brilliant, husband Nick Laufer, Killebrew Coffee, and their rescue dogs, Aldo and Reina.

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