Dani De Baza

The 47th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

Dani De Baza

Session: The Spanish Cornet

Born in Baza, Granada in 1982, Daniel Jiménez Castro is internationally known as Dani de Baza. He began his education at a very young age in the now defunct Band of Hope from his hometown. Dani de Baza’s artistic career has been growing since 1996 touring with the best bands in Andalusia.

Dani de Baza is synonymous with professionalism and an entrepreneurial spirit, evident in the large number of musical ensembles who request his talent in masterclasses, conferences, classical or flamenco concerts and lectures such as the one offered in 2015 at the National Congress of the City of Seville Bands in which he participated together with the most influential personalities in his field.

Throughout his professional career he has collaborated on various recording projects such as “50 Years of Hope”, “Origen” volume 1, 2 and 3, on the album “Joyas Cofrades” and his own records “Immensity” and “In the World”. It is worth noting his participation in innovative projects such as “Tu Dulce Mirada”, a recording distributed exclusively through social networks or his contribution to the record work “Siente” by Sergio Contreras with whom he participated in the single”Remember me”.

His work and dedication has been recognized on numerous occasions by institutions and the media, highlighting the “Baza Joven” award, recognized by the City Council in 2014 or the special mention of the Ser Cofrade 2013 awards from Cadena To be.

A pioneer in the development of an interpretive technique for the Spanish cornet, Dani de Baza is consistently fighting for it to be more recognized and accepted to be studied at the conservatory. Dani de Baza has been a pioneer, being the first Spanish cornet soloist to offer international concerts such as in China, New York and numerous corners of Spain.

In the summer of 2016, he began his solo career thanks to the help of his friends Carles Subiela and Agustín Castro, offering a concert in the Valencian Consolat de Mar auditorium where part of the new fusion of music included in his first album was previewed. Immensity. In 2019 he participated in the first edition of the television program Tierra de Talento on Canal Sur, resulting in the Winner of the second Gala. As of 2020 Dani de Baza collaborates with various television and radio programs such as El LLamador, Tierra de Talento, Hoy en día and Andalucía en Semana Santa among others.

In 2021 he joined as Corneta Soloist in the Flamenco-Cofrade ABBA El Padre show who were on tour throughout the Spain and all over the world. Dani de Baza is collaborating with the great international trumpeter Yturvides, together with his friend Agustín Castro, giving life to the project SIN PRECENTENTES where the Spanish cornet and the trumpet merged creating a unique symbiosis.

In October 2022 he traveled to New York City to play with the First Panamanian Marching Band of Brooklyn and to shoot the official video and present his new work LIBERTY distributed on the best digital platforms in the world. Immersed in his fifth concert tour, Dani de Baza is working on recording his third album as well as several projects that will soon see the light of day.

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