Non-Pro Players

The 47th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

Non-Pro and Comeback players dedicated events

Non-Pro/Comeback Player Clinic: Robert SearsVibrato Usage: Varying the approach when playing in different ensembles, genres, and eras of music. 

Robert will discuss the use of vibrato in trumpet playing, acceptable vibrato variations, vibrato approaches that work well in a variety of idioms, and some general do’s and don’t’s that make people soundings stylistically appropriate. To be more specific, he plans to present a side-by-side comparison of how different settings tend to gravitate toward different uses of vibrato. Comparisons of vibrato usage in solo/chamber, orchestral, commercial orchestral, jazz small group, jazz big band, commercial pop/funk would be showcased.  For the solo component, he would show how international artists from different countries play the same passages but with different approaches to vibrato speed, depth, etc. For orchestral playing, a comparison of older orchestral recordings (approx. 1950s-80s) vs. more modern/present-day recordings of the same pieces would be showcased. Similarities and differences would be noted. On the jazz side, various appropriate small group jazz vibrato uses from early jazz (often called trad jazz or Dixieland) to modern-day (approx. 1960s and on) would be presented. He would also discuss vibrato in the big band music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and more modern music (i.e. Maria Schnieder, Kim McNeely). Vibrato used by lead vs. section players (i.e. if and when it’s appropriate for inner voices to use vibrato). He would also discuss how commercial orchestral music vibrato differs from symphonic orchestral music (that of Mahler, Strauss, Shostakovich, etc). Other mentions of vibrato in Latin/Salsa music and funk/pop would be noted.  The goal is to help trumpeters choose a vibrato that is informed and comfortable to who they are, while also being stylistically and era-appropriate.

Non-Pro/Comeback Player Clinic: Joe MontelioneDaily Routines for the Active Community Musician

Non-Pro Player Warm Up Session – directed by Dr. Christopher Moore

Non-Pro Player Master Class – Dr. Christopher Moore

Non-Pro Player Ensemble at the Festival of Trumpets – premiere of “Old American Songs” for 10 B flat trumpets composed and directed by David Baldwin

Non-Pro Player Meet and Greet Gathering – Location & Date to be announced

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