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The 47th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

Call for Research 

Thank you for your interest in the ITG Research Room! Please review the call for research and then use the form at the bottom to submit your abstract.

The 47th International Trumpet Guild Conference will be held in Minneapolis, MN, May 30–June 3, 2023. The ITG Research Room Committee invites proposals for research presentations at the Conference.

Research Room offers a blind, peer-reviewed, international forum for students, professors, performers, industry professionals, and others to present experimental, action, qualitative, or quantitative research involving trumpet performance, repertoire, history, and/or pedagogy. Presentations are often developed from graduate or dissertation work, published material, industry collaborations, or other new research. Presentations should represent an original contribution to the field, based on some form of empirical evidence.

Successful applicants will be invited to present an academic poster at the conference during the Research Room poster session. Several submissions will also be selected for a 15-minute oral presentation during a Research Room paper session. Presenters selected for oral presentation are encouraged to employ audio-visual aids (PowerPoint), deliver handouts and summaries for the audience, and will receive a video recording of their presentation.

Abstracts of all successful submissions will be published in the conference digital program, posters and video-recordings of oral presentations will be published on an open-access basis through the ITG website ( Presenters will benefit from sharing their work with the ITG community both in-person at the conference and in publication to the ITG website, and generate exposure and connections that may lead to future collaboration, nationally or internationally.

Researchers should submit a 500-word abstract summarizing their thesis, sources, data collection, methods, and conclusions. Abstracts should be submitted electronically through the website and full details may be found on the submission form.

The deadline for submission is January 9, 2023.

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts and accepted presenters will be notified by February 1, 2023. The ITG Research Room offers no financial incentives and presenters are responsible for all conference registration and travel expenses.

Questions should be directed via email to the ITG Research Room chair, Fred Sienkiewicz:


Proposals should be in the format of a footnoted abstract, up to 500 words in length, and provide a clear summary of your (1) thesis/purpose, (2) methodology, (3) data and sources, (4) conclusions, and (5) relevance to the field. Please address all five points, or articulate if a particular point is not applicable for some reason.

Before submitting, please ensure your proposal/abstract observes the following guidelines:

  • MS word format only (.DOC, .DOCX; no PDFs please)
  • Formatted in Chicago/Turabian style
  • Citations within the abstract, if any, use author-date format (i.e. Tarr, 2008) instead of footnote/endnote style.
    • Abstract file itself does not include names or institutional affiliations to facilitate blind peer review.
  • Abstract is grammatically correct and error-free for publication in the conference program.
  • Abstract addresses the question “on what empirical data/evidence are your conclusions grounded?” through bibliography or footnotes, description of any original data collection, and/or inclusions of any relevant tables or charts (as applicable).
    • Included bibliography, footnotes, and/or any tables or figures will not count against the 500-word limit.

Questions should directed to the ITG Research Room chair, Dr. Fred Sienkiewicz, at

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