New Works Recitals

The 47th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022-2023 Call for New Works:

Go to the garden for Trumpet and Fixed Media, by Eris DeJarnett
Performer: John Marchiando

Sonata for Tomorrow, by Chris Evan Hass
Performer: Sam Gustavson

Buzz Buzz for Trumpet, Flute, and Piano, by Ben Horne
Performer: Elucidate Duo (Michael Brown, trumpet and Lorin Green, flute)

The Stars of November, by Kenley Kristofferson
Performer: Power of Two Duo (Kayla Solomon, trumpet and Danielle Guina, piano)

Electric Thunder Dunk, by Logan Larson
Performer: Julia Gill

Solis and Two Patches, by Alexandre Lunsqui
Performer: Byrne:Kozar Duo (Corrine Byrne, soprano and Andy Kozar, trumpet)

Sketches in a Trumpet Wasteland, by Cameron Nielson
Performer: New Works Ensemble

Parallel, by Juan Carlos Valencia Ramos
Performer: John Kilgore

Solitude, by Trenton Rhodes
Performer: Ross Ahlhorn

The Gambler, by Linas Rupšlaukis
Performer: Linas Rupšlaukis

The Four Lost Seasons, by Gilson Santos
Performer: Nailson Simoes

Sharps, Flats, & Orange Cats, by Francis Snyder
Performer: Angela King

The Exit Strat, by Drew Tomasik
Performer: Stephen Campbell

Hymn to a Vanishing Land, by Mark Volker
Performer: Robert White

We Are Still Here, by Jared Wallis
Performer: Jared Wallis

The following five works were accepted for the 2020 conference and have been rescheduled for the 2023 ITG Conference due to the 2020 conference’s cancellation:

Garden Songs for Trumpet, Soprano, and Piano, by Heather Gilligan
Performer: Seelan Manickman, trumpet and Evangelia Leontis, soprano

Fantango, by Kevin McKee
Performers: Jim Johnson, trumpet and Kiirsi Maunula-Johnson, horn

Imagined Conversations, by Zack Stanton
Performer: Jesse Cook

Variations on a Theme by Haydn, by Jim Stephenson
Performer: Josh Ganger

Mocking Midnight, by Jess Turner
Performer: Will Koehler

In addition, the following piece was accepted for the 2022 conference and moved to the 2023 conference:

Enigma, by Kevin Day
Performer: Jen Oliverio

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